Renovated house in San Francisco by Feldman Architecture

It’s a big deal to create a beautiful house, but it’s even a greater thing to manage to renovate an already existing one. Not always the already existing building is disastrous, but even if it’s not, you still have to make some moves considering all the existing parts. Some design, architecture, space or dimensions may bother you. So it’s easier to create than to repair.

The next house is an example of a renovated home which beat the old variant. The old house wasn’t bad at all, but at some parts it seemed unfinished and the architects considered it has some parts that weren’t valorized at their real capacity. The building is a two floor house with a basement and front garden.  The designers transformed all the levels trying to make them communicate better. For starters, they oversized the doors and they put them on pivots to create the impression of open space and to make the connection with the outdoor space.

Continuing to enlarge the spaces and the spaces and to create indoor space, the designers opened the kitchen so it communicates with the dining room and the living room. Indoor, they used modern materials, such as wainscoting, warm wood, steel and glass. After the renovation, all the levels seem to communicate one with the other, and the interiors bound with the landscape. The architects that created this brand new house look alike are the ones from the Feldman Architecture. The house is named the Buena Vista Residence and is located in San Francisco, California, USA.

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