Renovated House Featuring Panoramic Views Of The Mountains And Lake

Located along Lake Como in Lombardy, Italy, this house, also known as Villa a Como, benefits from wonderful views from all angles. Since the location is so beautiful, the design of the house had to be in sync with the natural surroundings. Its owners decided to renovate it in order to create a stronger connection with the outdoors.The house was renovated by Milan-based Studio Parco Piva.

It covers a total area of 5,630 square feet and, even though the size allows it to accommodate two levels and a variety of rooms, the interior of the house was designed as a large open floor plan with high ceilings. The pitches ceiling gives it a subtle traditional look while everything else is modern. In order to allow the owners to take advantage of the surroundings and to admire the views, the architects included in the design many floor-to-ceiling glass walls. This way a strong connection with the outdoors is created and the views become a part of the interior décor.

Internally, the décor is simple and modern. The walls are while throughout but the atmosphere is surprisingly warm and cozy. It’s because all the materials, textures and colors have been carefully chosen to balance the décor. The neutral color palette is complemented by touches of bold color strategically placed in key areas. In the living area, for example, the walls and ceiling are white but the floor is dark brown. Also, there’s a beautiful fireplace that shares the same color as the flooring. The rug is a stylish accent piece that combines black and orange shades.

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