Remarkable San Francisco home rebuilt after a fire

It’s not easy to lose everything in a fire and then have the strength and courage to start everything all over again. However, if you manage to look at the bright side, this can also present itself as an opportunity to have fresh start. This was the case of this lovely San Francisco home.This is the home of Mr. Agosta, 57, and his wife, Lisa Moresco, 53. It was built 5 years ago on a street in the Noe Valley neighborhood. The couple purchased the house for $850,000. They expanded it and replaced the stucco façade and renovated the whole place. Their architect, Owen Kennerly had the idea to move the living area to the roof. The ground floor includes the children’s bedrooms. When the renovation was over, the couple had a beautiful modern home with lovely views of the city and the bay.

However, that didn’t last very long. In 2009 a fire destroyed 90 to 95 percent of everything the couple had. Still, they had the strength to start everything all over again. They didn’t want a new home. They decided to start a do-over and to recreate their old home. This is the second version of the couple’s home. It’s very similar to the original one.

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The house has an open plan designed for entertainment, two center skylight in the middle rooms and featuring the same beautiful views. The kitchen has stainless steel appliances complemented by wood cabinets and a built-in wood banquette. Overall, the house is very similar to the original design. It also features a slightly more modern look.{found on nytimes}.



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