Remarkable contemporary residence in the Sao Paulo city centre

Often it’s the location that defines a home. It’s a detail that can tell more to a person about that space than an actual picture. Of course, we are interested in all aspects related to a residence. This one, for example, is a beautiful residence which is located in the Sao Paulo city centre. Here, in Panama, there are many remarkable elements related to the culture and to all the marvelous holiday destinations. But today we have the opportunity to take a glimpse at a private home and to see what makes it special.

The residence is a typical rental space which you can make yours for a determined period for your holiday. It’s a structure designed to be flexible and versatile as to suit a variety of preferences. The location makes this particular residence quite special. Conveniently situated near the city center, this place offers you the opportunity to be close to all the action and to be within walking distance of restaurants, clubs and many other city attractions.

But let’s also take a closer look at the house and its design. The residence is very spacious. It’s designed with style and taste and everything inside matches the style perfectly. The modern look chosen for the interior also gets reflected in the way the outdoor terrace and surroundings look like. The design is simple, bright and inviting. The polished wooden details on the walls and all the beautiful accessories used throughout the space give the residence a unique charm.

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