Relaxing Luxury Waterfall House by Andres Remy Arquitectos

People have always been fascinated by the miracles created by nature like the canyons, the deltas, the keys or other natural forms or environments. Waterfalls are one of these natural forms that have always impressed us with their grandeur, speed of the water, their amazing sounds or fantastic views.

The same effect had the image of this wonderful, luxury Waterfall House designed by Andres Remy Arquitectos .Its elevated waterfall is one of its attractive points and its presence creates the feeling of energy and dynamism.

Waterfall House has spacious interiors that go through one space into another because there are no dividers that can separate them. The floor to ceiling wall is half made of concrete half of it represents the window so that can offer the privacy you need. The rooms in the upper level offer great views of the lake that exists near the house.

The modern bar room and the other wonderful pieces of furniture which exist in the house like the white pieces that there are in front of the bar or a coffee table with a dynamic shape in another room will create a comfortable space dominated by the luxury of a modern house.

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The existence of the waterfall and the swimming pool are the expression of the infinite limits of this house that they intend to suggest. A mixed use room that is used as garage, playroom, and space for parties makes the connection between the exterior and the interior of this house.Waterfall House is the expression of privacy, comfort and luxury, a place that makes you feel good.



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