Relaxing Elenko Residence by CEI Architecture

Usually when you think of family or home the first things that come to your mind are: comfort, relax, love and peacefulness. A perfect house for a family is a house which has all the necessary conditions for a normal living and maybe a beautiful surrounding landscape would be a wonderful additional thing.

Elenko Residence, designed by CEI Architecture can be a fine offer for a single family and it is situated near Osoyoos Lake, in British Columbia, Canada.

It is a two storey building with a flat garden roof which can offer you a wonderful view of the lake and many relaxing moments.At the main floor, there are the most important rooms like the living room, the dining room, the kitchen, the guest bedroom and the bathroom.At the second floor, there are all the other bedrooms. All these spaces are stacked on one another, there are not interior doors or other dividers so that everything seems more spacious and full of light.

Wood and glass seem to be the main materials used for the furniture or other interior details.All is modern, like the living room furniture, the kitchen furniture and equipment or the fireplace.The building incorporates minimal transparent openings which many of them are on the east side so that they can offer beautiful views of the lake.This residence was designed by CEI Architecture.

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