Relaxing and Modern K3 Residence by Bruce Stafford Architects

Houses have different shapes, are made of various materials and offer all kinds of facilities or great views according to their design, equipment, position and location. There are people who prefer small houses, other love spacious living areas but both categories will always appreciate comfort and privacy.

K3 House is a wonderful house located in Sydney, Australia. It was designed by Bruce Stafford Architects and can offer you unforgettable relaxing moments and the privacy you need. It has a modern design and every area seems to flow to another. Everything is spacious and its internal courtyard seems to be its strong point.

The natural rock surface of this place completed by the abundant vegetation that surrounds the entire house brings more naturalness and freshness to this place. This internal courtyard looks like a continuation of the house just that it is in the open air. Here the modern, simple and comfortable furniture will make you feel more relaxed and nicer.Glass and natural wood seem to be the favored materials as there large sliding glass doors in the main living area which make the transition from interior to exterior or the wood parquet which appears all over the place like other wood pieces of furniture or the interior wood stairs.

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All the rooms offer you great views of the surrounding vegetation but there is a bedroom which almost sends you in the middle of it by the wonderful view which appears behind the bed.

K3 House is a relaxing place which will always bring you peaceful moments that you can spend in the courtyard where privacy and fresh air remain the most important factors to provide such a nice ambiance.{found on archdaily}.



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