Refreshing residence designed for a couple and their 3 young kids

The House in Go Vap, as it is called, is a modern residence located in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietmam. It was designed by MM++ Architects and completed in 2012. The house covers a total area of 255 square meters. It was built on a 8m wide and 22m deep plot and it was designed for a couple and their three young children. The residence was designed with two distinct volumes.

One block includes the entrance, the living area and the kitchen that together form one large social area. This volume is situated in the front. It’s a space for interaction and socialization. As you pass this area you reach a small interior garden with a large roof opening. It’s an unusual element, especially for compact homes such as this one. On the other side of the garden is the second block that includes the two bedrooms belonging to the kids, located on the ground floor, and the master suite or the parent’s bedroom plus another bedroom on the first floor.

The internal structure is very functionally designed. It’s also an element very common for contemporary homes such as this one. The client’s didn’t have a big budget for this project but the architects managed to turn everything in their favor. The result was this beautiful family home with a modern and stylish interior.{found on archdaily and pics by Nam Bui}.

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