Recycled Forest Cottage by Juan Luis Martinez Nahuel

Sometimes each of us feels the needs to escape of the daily routine for some moments of relaxation.A place where you can relax and take advantage of a fresh air too is the middle of forest. It is even better if you have a house here too.

Now you can think of this recycled Forest Cottage designed by the Chilean architect Juan Luis Martinez Nahuel, a suspended house on some concrete piles, using for its wood- framed front façade some patio doors from a demolished house from 1960s.Its shape is linear and is made of modular pieces. The use of wood for its construction creates a natural and warm ambiance and the wooden furniture and the wonderful fireplace integrate themselves perfectly into this atmosphere.

It has a simplistic structure, made of used commercial steel and glue- laminated beams. Its construction was realized piece by piece with simple and traditional tools and working techniques. There was also used the local 1970s parquet flooring which was transformed into new finishing materials.

This recycled Forest Cottage represents an ideal place for vacation for an escape in the middle of nature where nobody and nothing could disturb your moments of meditation and relaxation.

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