Reclaimed Materials, Prairie Design Come Together in Spectacular Texas Family Home

With architecture that harks back to the area’s original prairie dwellings and a design sensibility that incorporates today’s reclaimed materials, this modern house straddles the eras:  It fits appropriately in the well-established, but transitional neighborhood thanks to its unique form, which is inspired by Texas Blackland Prairie homestead style.

Multiple building materials add textural interest.

Characterized by clean angles and multiple buildings, this type of rural Texas architecture has a long local history and is still a fitting style for current tastes, especially when updated with modern materials as Casa Linder is. Designed by Buchanan Architecture, the floor plan consists of a series of individual buildings linked with outdoor patio areas. The long, narrow arrangement creates a set of buildings that stretches from the front porch to the garage at the back.

The front door includes the first in the series of outdoor patios.  This one is typically southern in that it has the necessary elements of a covered porch and room for seating. It is a nod to southern hospitality as it welcomes visitors and serves as a spot where the homeowners can sit and interact with the neighborhood.

Native plant materials help create a rustic, organic vibe for the home.Native plant materials help create a rustic, organic vibe for the home.The gabion wall is an unexpected architectural element for a residential building.

Thanks to the owners’ desire to use reclaimed materials, the roof and exterior walls are covered with recycled, corrugated steel panels that are natural and have an organic feel.  The rusty, weathered finish is a natural patina that the homeowners wanted to highlight. At each end of the building, reclaimed planks from snow fencing were used to panel the wall, adding another texture and extra interest to the exterior surface. The gabion wall that is filled with stones does double duty as an architectural element as well as a privacy screen for the pool area in the yard beyond.

The long, narrow backyard is punctuated with outdoor patios in variety of size and shapes as well as functions. Not only do they separate the buildings, the patios themselves have different uses. Anchored by a large round fire pit, this one is designed for relaxing and conversing with family and friends.  It is also far enough away from the pool patio at the other end of the yard that noise from one won’t disturb the other.

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The siding, along with the rock fringe border for drainage, are easy-care choices.The siding, along with the rock fringe border for drainage, are easy-care choices.The fire pit at the back of the yard is secluded and relaxing.

A second outdoor patio surrounds the pool. It also separates the living and dining areas of the home from the rest. Being right outside the kitchen, the patio can serve as an extension of the kitchen for grilling.  Its proximity to the powder room is also handy for pool users and visitors in the rest of the yard.

The pool and living areas are situated near the front of the house.

Among the furnishings surrounding the pool is the Emu Round Chair 465 that was designed by Christophe Pillet. The stackable chair has clean, rounded lines making for a chair that is very comfortable. the steel shell is made by compressing the metal between two steel molds to create a three-dimensional shape.

Even the pool deck is easy care, with stone filling the joins between the concrete sections.

Inside, the feel is spacious and modern, yet very comfortably furnished for a family. High pitched ceilings with architectural details soar above a light-filled great room, thanks to the wall of windows facing the pool area. A neutral palette enhances the view of the outdoors as well as the colorful art on the wall. The open floor plan is actually one large space that is divided by function with the furniture arrangement.  This is the perfect arrangement for families that want to spend time together even when occupied with a variety of activities, all of which can take place in the one space.

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Light filled and airy, this is an ideal multi-functional family space.Tall ceilings make the room feel more open.The large room is segmented by function.

At the far end of the room, the kitchen is a marvelous example of the “hidden kitchen” look, where all the functions, aside from the cooktop and sink, are hidden behind sleek doors. It is a logical choice for a multifunctional space as it keeps things looking neat and tidy. Even the hood above the cooktop looks like an architectural design element rather than just functional kitchen ventilation.

The sleek kitchen features a large hood and a round pendant light.

The master suite is a blissful retreat that also has an open floor plan. The pitch ceilings add airiness and lightness to the already spacious bedroom and the unique open walk-in closet adds visual interest. The reclaimed wood cladding the walls of the closet are an artistic element that also adds depth and texture to the space. The bathroom, located beyond the closet, is highlighted by a translucent window, which allows the ground-level space to have plenty of light without worrying about others being able to see into the room.

The master bedroom also has an open floor plan.

Outside the master suite, a third outdoor patio area separates it from the rest of the home. The homeowners asked that this patio be a private. light-filled outdoor space. In addition, another outdoor patio area separates the master bathroom from the garage.

The rotating panel allows for privacy on the small patio, as well as yard access.

As the sun sets, the front porch of this home is the ideal place to while away the evening, waving to neighbors and enjoying the neighborhood — in true Texas style.

At dusk, the house looks warm and welcoming.



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