Recently renovated house in Pennsylvania

The Seidenberg House is a beautiful residence located in Lafayette Hill, PA, USA. It was recently renovated and it was a project by Metcalfe Architecture & Design. The renovation was completed in 2009. The house covers an area of 3,775 square feet and it has been previously restored. It’s a mid-century modern with many beautiful architectural details.

The location is very beautiful. The residence benefits from panoramic views of the woodlands of Southeastern Pennsylvania where the climate is also friendly. As for the building itself, it had to suffer some major changes during the renovation. The upper level was pushed into the treetops thus creating a whole new experience for the users. A second floor area was also created. It’s an expansion that includes the living areas.

Other changes include the renovation of the kitchen, the living areas and bathrooms. The small entrance was also reconfigured. A hall was created and it leads to the social areas, including the kitchen, dining room and the living areas. The kitchen got new windows. The second story of the house includes, besides a series of living spaces, the master bedroom and it bath. It’s a bright and airy room with panoramic views of the surrounding landscape. In order to emphasize these views, the windows were expanded and the bedroom also got a floating roof.

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The residence also features tall glass doors and a beautiful cantilevered balcony. A steel and glass footbridge was created to link the master bedroom to the rest of the house. It’s a modern residence with a simple design and functionally organized interior but, most important than all, with wonderful views.{found on archdaily and pics by Barry Halkin}.



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