Randy Brown Architects Personal Facility in Nebraska

Famous architectural names always impress us with multifarious examples of their work, but what is more interesting to see is how they design their own houses. I have seen a lot of architect’s houses that can simply stun you and today we are out to excavate what Randy Brown owns in Nebraska.

After Randy bought this property in Omaha, Nebraska, he decided to move in here with his family, bringing all of his work along with him. That ‘work’ is the exact reason why this house looks more like a working laboratory than anything else. A c combination of rusted steel and vintage y-looking wood, gives everything around a rare look, but, it is still more of a lab.

The wood features are absolutely amazing. The image they create is very beautiful, abstract, modern and very interesting. There are a lot of asymmetries in this structure, starting with the shape of the house that looks a little odd. Then there are all sorts of features and pieces that continue this image.


Other than that the rest of the design is simple and elegant but also modern. The designers have chosen to work with shapes and textures, rather than trying to compensate with details, like furniture pieces or colorful tones. This way the house will be interesting no matter what style you decide to adopt when you start furnishing it. It’s easier this way for the owners and it’s also more interesting.

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