Raised House Plan by Architects Magnus

More and more new and modern architectures are going for an environment friendly design. Most of the designs will be based upon the fineness of the architecture. It is just the house built by the Architects Magnus firm based in San Diego. It is a house built on focusing what is present on the surrounding of the house, and giving it a revolutionized design.


The architectural project is known as the Raised House Plan. The house is in fact built on the hill over a vast and nice valley with Pacific across its distant. Therefore, during the months of summer, the house will be able to catch the nice and cool breeze right from the Pacific that is across its distant space, which is the major environmental friendly design of the house plan. Then with the house built with roof made of metal consistence with modern design as well as the glass made doors and windows that goes from the ceiling down to the floor, it will in fact cooled the home down to a relatively nice temperature during the summer day.

Anyways, implementing the modern design together with the elements from the natures of stones and wood, it created a nice concept of openness to the house.

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