Rahimoana Villa that offers 360° views of the landscape

The name of this amazing house “rahimoana” means ‘sun god over the sea’  and indicates us from the beginning that it is about a special construction that offers magnificent 360° views of an unique landscape with plenty of trees, water and sun.  Designed by Crosson Clarke Carnachan Architects, the Rahimora Villa is a part of the Eagle’s Nest Resort located in the Bay of Islands in New Zealand.  Built on a hilltop, this house is a spiritual refuge for the owners and their guests, a space where they can rest and enjoy the nature’s beauty, without being disturbed by annoying neighbors or noise.

I have to admit that this is my kind of house. Simple, elegant, and decorated with neutral tones, especially white, a color that creates a breezy, clean atmosphere. The large infinite swimming pool creates an optical illusion, so you have the impression that you are near the sea. The advantage is that you can relax and enjoy sun and water in privacy. The interior communicates with the exterior through some glass doors which can stay opened when it’s lovely outside, but also closed when the weather is bad.

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The living area is a combination between shiny surfaces, cozy furniture, plenty of light and sophisticate decorations which emphasize the owner’s good taste. Although most of the surfaces are white, to avoid having a monotonous house, designers decorated the rooms with a few Ligne Roset “Pop” chairs in the bedrooms, gray rugs and a few minimalist paintings, to bring color and joy.  In a house without wood, I am happy to see that the interior design still matches perfectly the greatness of the exterior landscape.



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