R House Bellevue Hill by Bruce Stafford Architects

Another house from Bruce Stafford Architects which is situated on a large site, at the end of a long battle axe, this home’s scale is a hidden from the street and is articulated to preserve the views of its many neighbours .A high curved cedar clad wall guides the visitor up a railway sleeper path to the oversized front door which is places centrally in the planning of this large home. All rooms are orientated towards the northerly views and are fronted by deep terraces which flow onto the broad lawn and long, infinite edge pool.

It’s a very beautiful and modern house. It has a very nice design, both in terms of exterior design as well as of interior décor. Every room has a specific look, a different atmosphere and décor. But what they all share in common is the modern and simple style. It’s nice how all the materials and patterns work together and form a complete and equilibrated image. And all the different colors also work together to form complementary and colorful images.  It’s a beautiful design, modern and elegant and also stylish.


I particularly like the suspended lamps, the art pieces and the pool. It’s placed in a beautiful area where you ca have plenty of intimacy and personal space. I also like the architectural details of this structure. It’s not a building easy to go unnoticed.

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