Quiet French-inspired mansion sitting on a hilltop in Ketchum

Location is an extremely important element for any home, whether it’s a mansion, a simple house, a cottage, an apartment or a loft. In fact, it’s the location that makes a house look stunning and gives it personality. It’s like in the case of this great mansion found in Ketchup, Idaho. The house was built on a hilltop and it offers breathtaking views of the Bald Mountains. It has access to the street but the location is quiet and tranquil.

Not far from the town yet far enough to be away from all the hustle and noise, this could be a wonderful week-end getaway house but also a permanent residence or family home. The house is impressive in size and it also stands out with its gorgeous landscape and design. In total, it has six bedrooms and six bathrooms. One of the bedrooms could potentially be used as a media room.

Architecturally speaking, the building is simple and it combines elements inspired by the French style with modern features and accent details. The result is a unique look. The internal organization of the spaces is perfectly planned. The ground level includes three garage bays. There’s also a wine cellar which, by the way, is gorgeous. An interesting feature is the elevator which makes the house stand out even more and gives it a modern allure.

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