Pure white contemporary two story home located in Valdemorillo

This is the Valdemorillo Residence, a contemporary home located in Valdemorillo, a small town in the outskirts of Madrid, Spain. It’s a two-storey residence and it was designed by Otto Medem Architecture. The clients and owners of the house were a couple of journalists who wanted a peaceful home on the outskirts of the city.

The architects tried to incorporate all the elements that the clients requested into the design. They created a beautiful contemporary residence with a simple but eye-catching design. The residence is composed three volumes. This design was chosen to suit the topography and also to offer beautiful views of the mountains. These three volumes are connected both internally and on the exterior. Their facades are interconnected.

The intersection point is the center of the residence. It’s a space from where you can access all the rooms. On the ground floor there’s an entrance hall and the meeting point of the three volumes. The same level includes the living room that has direct access to the porch and the pool. The living room can also be expanded into the garden during the summer. One meter higher is the kitchen and the dining room. They also have access to a porch and a yard. At the top of the ground floor there’s he sleeping area consisting of two rooms. The second floor houses the office and a large collection of books.

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