Prototype split-level residence by Andreas KARL Architecture

Split-level houses are great alternatives for areas with strict building regulations. They allow the site and shape of the lot to remain intact and they can even provide advantages that other regular types of houses can’t. For example, this split-level residence is a wonderful single-family residence.The house is located in Stocking, Austria and it was built in 2007 by Andreas KARL Architecture. It’s a four-story structure and it’s situated in an area with strict building regulations that posed some problems to the architects at the beginning.

They also had to face some very specific requirements from the client. After analyzing these facts, the logical conclusion seemed to be a split-level design. This way the sloping site wouldn’t be a problem anymore and the client would also get a positive response to his requests for direct ground level access to the main entrance and to the garden entrance from the north side.

The house is a prototype. It’s a four-level residence with a high pitched roof. It’s a monolithic structure with simple, clean lines. The exterior of the house is grey and the main entrance, the terraces and the windows feature golden anodized aluminum. The house is divided into four areas. There are the living areas, the sleeping areas and the garden. The total building area is 270 square meters and the site measures a total of 1000 square meters.{found on architezer}.

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