Private residence surrounded by large Puriri trees

Sometimes simplicity is more sophisticated and eye-catching than any opulent item. This also seems to be the idea behind this inspiring project. This wonderful house is located in Great Barrier Island in New Zeeland. As you can see, the structure is extremely simple. The house has a geometrical shape with wooden support elements and many large windows in between.

The location itself is very beautiful. It’s a beautiful private area with a hill to the west and lots of vegetation all around it. The site is surrounded by large Purini trees, Blackwoods and other native species that provide both shade and privacy. The house was designed by Crosson Clarke Carnachan Architects. It has an elevated structure as a measure against floods. The structure of the house is very simple and it almost looks unfinished. It’s also because of the numerous large windows on all sides. They create a very strong connection between the indoor and outdoor areas and also allow unobstructed views of the landscape.

The house features a timber skeleton, completely exposed. The large number of windows is a very practical element, especially for the public areas. The bedrooms, however, have been oriented towards the forest where the trees can provide privacy. Moreover, all the trees have protected outdoor spaces. Not only that this house is very interesting from an architectural point of view, but it’s also a sustainable structure that uses solar power and clever irrigation systems.

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