Prefab Contemporary Desert Residence

Usually I would say that you have to be crazy to move in the desert. Why people choose this kind of places, full of sand and lack of water and civilization? Now I know! Such a unique place, with a combination between sun, sand, shrubs and mountains is the perfect place to relax if you want to be different, to spend your life differently than the others. Designed by Los Angeles-based design studio Marmol Radziner, Desert House can be found in the Desert Hot Springs, California.

The prototype of prefab home is located on a five-acre site and oriented to best capture the amazing views of San Jacinto peak and the surrounding mountains. The 2000 square feet interior space is designed to be a shelter for the owners when the Mother Nature isn’t so nice with them, but also to enjoy the beautiful view from every corner from the house.  The home extends towards the landscape with its living spaces which blend the indoors with the outdoors, connecting the house to the north wing, which comprises a guest room and an art studio.

The “L” shaped building plan defines a protected courtyard, which includes a swimming pool and a fire pit. During daytime, you can enjoy the water and the sun, but in the evenings, you can spend your time telling stories at the fire pit, where you can also cook some marshmallows and look at the starry sky.{pictures by Joe Fletcher}.

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