Post-war house in Okusawa turned into a modern home that meet’s today’s standards

Located in Okusawa Setagaya in Tokyo, Japan, this house was originally built during the post-war era of Japan. Back in those days, the western design was very influent and became very popular. This house was also touched by those influences features a superficial imitation of western architecture.In 2009, the house was renovated. The firm chosen for the project was Schemata Architects.

The transformation was not intended to be absolute nor to deny all the architectural past of the building. Most of the major original details were preserved. Originally, the house imitated the English brick residences. However, it was a superficial resemblance. It also had a triangular wooden gable which was an element typical to the English roof and it also had a parapet.

But the house wasn’t entirely built to these standards. The wooden beams were reinforced by steel frames and had many other details that made it original and that broke the stereotype. When it was renovated, in 2009, some of these elements were preserved as such. But many of them were also modified in order to make the house suitable for today’s living standards. It can now be considered a home with an eclectic architectural style but with an overall modern design. The change is most visible on the interior. Here, the décor is simple, cozy and inviting and the furniture is sleek and modern.{found on archdaily}.

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