Porsche Center in Dortmund, Germany

Everyone knows the Porsche company. Their cars are highly appreciated all over the world and Porsche has become synonym with quality, style and precision. So when the Porsche Center from Dortmund, Germany had to be designed, Petersen Architekten Architecture had plenty of inspiration sources. They tried to incorporate all the attributes that the cars are appreciated for into the building’s design and to make it a symbol.

The actual building of the Porsche Center consists of two large units: a foundation block adapted to the topography and a metallic membran which encloses a 8 meter high and 130 meters long space. The silhouette itself reminds of the technical part of the company. The building had to be relevant and significant to what the company has managed to add on the market. It’s definitely an unusual design, a unique structure that fits the demand.

The constructions of the house are altogether prefabricated – the concrete socle of the building consists of three curved, diagonally standing shorings, computer-animated laser and welding machines produces the steal and aluminum construction units, each modules will be joined on site. It’s not surprising. It’s definitely an imposing structure. I wonder how it looks like on the inside. It’s probably as impressive as on the outside. This building is probably an important landmark in the area and it should be, since the building itself is an art piece.

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