Playful school design covered in grass

How fun would it be to go to a green school. And by green I don’t mean ecological, with eco-friendly materials or ecological fixtures. I really mean a green school, that’s literary covered in grass. That’s the new Public School and Primary Roldan (CEIP). The school is located on the plain of Campo de Cartagena, in southern Spain.

The school definitely has a distinguished look and from far away it even looks like a miniature golf course. It was designed by Spanish architecture firm Estudio Huma. They’ve managed to design a very creative project. Estudio Huma also created a residential complex, thinking at the population influx.

The school doesn’t have a typical school-like design. It seems more like a home. It features a horizontal layout that ensures plenty of space in case an expansion would need to be added. Considering the growth of population expected in the new years in the town, this was a very good choice.

The design also allowed the architects to create some secluded playgrounds. The buildings act as a protection mechanism and by jointing the edges of some of the structures they’ve managed to create a safe and fun place for the kids. The exterior of the buildings is entirely covered in turf grass. This ensures a uniform look and a fun and unusual design. The interior of the buildings was designed keeping simplicity and minimalism in mind.

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