Playful and dynamic architecture house by Andrew Maynard Architects

When I first saw a picture of this house, I thought it looks like a box placed on a skateboard track. It’s amazing how Andrew Maynard Architects have completed this interesting house located in Melbourne, Australia. Looking at the architecture and design, I am sure that the owners wanted an intimate house, away from the eyes of neighbors and strangers.

Having a small plot, the architects had to take advantage of every single meter so, the back yard is designed in a way to have green surfaces near the ground floor, but also near the first floor, which seem to float above the garden. The lines are very simple but elegant; on the exterior we can see only green and black surfaces surrounded by a wooden fence providing privacy.

Inside, the living area is a big, open space which communicates with the exterior through a large sliding glass door, a room filled with minimalist finishes in dark tones. Near a black steel spiral staircase we can see the kitchen which seems to be integrated perfectly in the rest of the area.

The dining room has wooden finishes which match the rest of the furniture from the house.  In the left side of the dwelling there is a narrow and long hallway which leads to the main entrance but also to other additional rooms. Upstairs, the suspended cube is positioned to keep away the sun during summers, but to let the light inside during cold winters when the space needs as much as possible heat from exterior.

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