Pigeon Roost turned into Mini Loft

With a little imagination and with the necessary resources you can come up with ingenious ideas for your home. You can have a house on a boat, a house in the trees, a transparent house, a house in a factory and, in this case, a house in a pigeon roost. This house has a very unusual look. That’s because it was originally a pigeon roost.

The 360 square foot structure used to be a pigeon roost and it became abandoned and it started to deteriorate. However, the site was lovely and the structure was still salvageable. The owners of what is now a lovely home decided to start a renovation project. They had big plans for this structure. They wanted to renovate it but also to transform it and to completely change its function. The pigeon roost was about to become a family home and not for a family of pigeons.

The shape and exterior design were preserved. Of course, some things had to be changed in order to make the place livable. The exterior was painted grey and an exterior stairwell was added in order to offer access to the upper level. The structure was relatively tall but, given its original function, it only had one level. After the renovation that changed. The building was turned into a small but lovely mini loft. The kitchen and the bathroom are very small but, overall, the home is charming and inspiring.{found on dwell}.

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