Perfect Family House in Bellmund

In Bellmund, near Biel, Switzerland there are different types of houses, as everywhere in the world. The house I am referring to is a special house designed by EXH Design on 3,500 sqm. First, it is perfect for a family of not too many members. Its shape is very interesting, as the height is maximized, thing that ensures different perspectives over Lake Biennem.

The terrace space is cut from the volume of the roof and this is an original aspect that gives an air of modernity to the entire building. The structure of the house is a wooden structure, but in general, the entire place is an example of resistant materials that leave no place for worries in case of bad weather. If the exterior seems to be modest and functional, things are different with the interior, as the wooden structure offers the interior that feeling of warmth.

The entire mood of the house and of the surrounding environment is a pleasant one and it is impossible not to feel good here if you are the kind of person who likes simplicity, good taste, a warm and cozy atmosphere. There is an appropriate combination of tradition given by the wood  and of modernity, given by the shape of the building. The views of the lake Biennem connect the two contrasting aspects.

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