Peregian Beach House with ocean views by Sparks Architects

This beautiful beach house was designed for a family of four. It sits on a site that offers wonderful views of the ocean and the sand dunes and it has a design that allows the users to take full advantage of the location. The house is divided into two pavilions connected by an open deck that then leads to the garden. It was a project by Sparks Architects.

The indoor-outdoor connection is very smooth and seamless. The house features large sliding doors, large windows and glass walls. This building is not actually the original beach house from this site. There was a previous structure there but the architect replaced it with this one, newer and more modern. Even though it’s a new structure, some of the original elements were preserved and made part of the new design. Now it’s like the old beach house doesn’t exist anymore but left something behind its charm.

The most impressive element that someone sees before entering the house is the garden. It has a very strong impact and it’s a very important part of the property. The owners liked their old beach house but wanted something different. It’s why they particularly like the central deck and the rearrangement of the internal spaces.

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The bedrooms were strategically placed in the southern pavilion where they can benefit from panoramic views of the dunes and the water. The house also features a café-style kitchen that also serves as a social and entertainment space. The property includes several beautiful outdoor areas such as a barbeque area, the deck, the verandah, the Japanese-style courtyard and, of course, the garden.



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