Peaceful retreat in the Netherlands woods

Marvelous views, fresh air, cozy interior and great location – what more could you wish for from a home? Well, actually, this is the ideal description of a holiday home or retreat. This one fits all the requirements. It’s a villa located in the woods of Soest, Netherlands.

The villa was designed and built by Zecc Architects. The construction started in 2007 and two years later the project was complete and extraordinary. We love how beautifully the building blends in and becomes part of the landscape, especially with those nice colors and textures. The building has three floors in total.

As you enter, you can immediately admire the beautiful views of the garden. Large windows and glass walls connect the house to its surroundings and welcomes nature inside. The stunning green lawn and the trees that surround the property like guardians contribute to the overall wonderful ambiance.


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