Peaceful retreat in Brentwood Park, Beverly Hills

Would you picture a house in Beverly Hills as being peaceful and serene? Probably not or not at first but wait till you see this one. This luxury property can be found in Brentwood Park in Beverly Hills and it’s actually a surprisingly peaceful retreat. It’s a big house with spacious rooms and with huge windows overlooking the green landscape surrounding it.

The location definitely makes this house special but what we’re really interested in is the interior design. Notice how breezy and airy the rooms look. This tells us the architects paid great attention to details and tried to transform a topical luxury house into a wonderful and refreshing oasis for its owners.

We love the interior design in the private areas. The bedrooms are stunning. They have crisp white walls and elegant furniture with clean and modern designs. The large windows and sliding glass doors which lead to the open terrace are great features. We also love how open and airy all the spaces look. The glass and the windows were strategically positioned. The residence is definitely striking with all these stylish details on the inside. In addition, the entrance features a huge parking area and the whole house is surrounded by beautiful vegetation.

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