Peaceful Black Teahouse by A1Architects

On such a hot weather, everybody is in a search of a refreshing solution. A shadowed place near source of water, a refreshing drink on a terrace, under the shadow of a large umbrella resting on a chaise-lounge are just some quick options. As alcohol is out of discussion on hot days, refreshing drinks remain the basis. A natural juice, a lemonade or tea with ice .Perhaps a delicious ice cream may be another good idea for such a hot season.

At Ceská-Lipa, in the Czeck Republic there is a nice and peaceful Black Teahouse designed by A1Architects.It is situated on the bank of a lake so that can offer wonderful views of it. Here you may enjoy a nice chat with your friends and have a refreshing ice tea which will definitely help you bear the heat of the summer day better. The natural look of the construction is meant to integrate it into the natural surroundings.

The sliding doors adjust the inner space so that you can have different angles of perceiving the natural landscape while the interior has a knitted cone soffit made out of sisal ropes. A rounded wall with clay plaster which integrates three bamboo vases becomes a Japanese symbol which is a perfect item for a place related to tea .Outdoor there is a large veranda made of larch planks which offers great views of the lake. The green roof is a part of the grassy surroundings which makes the whole construction look more natural. The whole house is covered with charred larch so that its name of “Black Teahouse” is explainable.

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