Pawling Residence – an Ideal Refuge

We all feel the need to go away in weekends and if we have our own place where to relax and enjoy our free time, it is perfect. There are ideal houses to spend our weekends and we dream about them during the entire week. One of the best examples of such a refuge can be found in Pawling, New York.

The house has the form of a pavilion; SPG Architects being “responsible” for the nice, simple design from the middle of a traditional landscape that definitely makes you dream and see only the beautiful part of life.The moment you see this place, you feel the modern, yet calm, traditional air and you feel at ease admiring the beautiful details that make the difference.

The front facade is in contrast with the back facade, the dining terrace is ideal, the stone pavements and the surrounding area in general constitute the perfect atmosphere for this residence, which seems to have been built for the soul or at least this is the impression its architecture provides.

The inside proves to be as pleasant as the outside, everything revealing a successful choice of furniture. The attempt of the interior space of looking into the exterior space is fascinating; the shades of green are as pleasant as the green surrounding the entire residence. All sorts of flowers and the splashes of purple in a generally light space give life to the house. Every room provides that relaxing and livable environment that creates an ideal mood.

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