Panoramic Views Surround This Cantilevered House From All Four Sides

Built high on a hill and surrounded by a lush forest on three sides and by the ocean on the fourth, Clearhouse is the perfect peaceful retreat away from all the hassle that defines New York City. The residence was designed by Michael P. Johnson in collaboration with Stuart Parr Design.

Designed to take full advantage of the panoramic views that surround it, the house is one of the most beautiful retreats here on Shelter Island.

The T-shaped structure cantilevers on both sides of a central column which incorporates the access areas. Thanks to its minimalistic design, concrete exterior and glass walls, it blends in harmoniously and becomes one with nature.

Large boulders were strategically placed next to the driveway and around the house and they sink into the ground like they’ve always been there. This helps ground the whole design and the building integrates into the setting in a natural way.

A pair of sliding doors offer access to the foyer and a staircase then leads upstairs to the social area. Here, a living room, kitchen and dining area form an open plan, with floor-to-ceiling glass walls on three sides.

The office is just behind the living room. It has its own floating fireplace and views of the backyard. And just past this area is the entrance to the master suite.

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On the other end of the social zone is the kitchen. Two separate islands contain the stove and the sink while the rest of the appliances are built into the walls. The kitchen too is exposed to the views of the forest.

The dining area is one of the most exquisite spaces here. Very simple, with only a table and 8 chairs, the setting is completed by a life-size sculpture of a bull. It looks so peaceful, as if the magnificent views and the landscape have tamed it.

Surrounded by glass walls, the dining area connects to the outdoors in a very natural way and almost feels like an open outdoor space.

Moving onto the master bedroom, we find a very airy room with peaceful views of the ocean. The minimalist interior design is complemented by the ever changing landscape. The room has its own lounging area: a chair positioned in the corner from where the views are most beautiful.

The en-suite bathroom shares a similar design. The shower is placed next to the glass wall and is sunken into the floor.

On the other side of the room, a tub encased in marble completes the décor.

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The entry level foyer opens onto a large terrace surrounded by clear glass panels as not to obstruct the magnificent views.

Beneath the terrace, a lower level contains the secondary bedrooms. Positioned to overlook the ocean, they form a separate zone, quiet and peaceful.



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