Panoramic Views at Vista House in Tokyo

Japanese architects APOLLO have designed Vista House. Located on a hillside in Tokyo, this amazing residence is a sleek, hip place to call home. Designed for a husband and wife, this three-storey house is a contemporary property.

The site gave the architects some trouble because it is placed on a cliff, but, at the same time, it offers magnificent views. In order to take advantage of the scenery, the architects decided to activate the latent potential of the location by installing huge windows. The ground floor hosts a garage for the client to store his motorcycle, as well as the master bedroom and two bathrooms, while the living room is located on the second level and the kid’s bedroom on the top floor.

What’s more, in order to maximize the views terraces were installed on every floor. These terraces are identical and offer the residents a full view of the beautiful landscape surrounding the house. Furthermore the house is designed as an open space, with a soft color palette and an interesting staircase. Another lovely aspect is the installation of bookshelves on all the structural walls and the placement of a table at the edge of the dining area, creating a library-like atmosphere.

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With its cave-like architecture, this three-storey residence features a rooftop terrace and oversized windows that offer a panoramic view overlooking the city.



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