Panda Forest at Adelaide Zoo

The Giant Panda Forest at Adelaide Zoo is one of the leading exhibits for the decreasing number of our giant panda species.  The Panda Forest’s design and its research programs symbolizes the Zoo’s main principles, i.e. education, environment, research, conservation while redefining a zoo’s concept in this century.

After having been assigned with two giant pandas’ care for a decade since 2007, Adelaide Zoo had chosen HASSELL to devise their new home. HASSELL began by visiting the seven existing displays with his team. Understanding the behavioral personality of the giant pandas was essential to plan an ideal environment where the species could live as in the forest.

The ensuing design answers to the pandas’ indigenous Chinese inheritance within an Australian environment. A series of spectator areas in the landscape outlines a changing relationship between the visitors and the giant pandas, ensuring alternating views of animal behavior, habitat and landscape.  The new exhibit is incorporated with the pathway network already existing, providing an attractive and easy journey through the enclosed space.


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