Original gazibo by Kazuya Morita

If you have a house with a big garden and you enjoy spending time outdoors, then you will certainly like having a gazebo in your yard. Here you can read,  write, listen to music or simply spend quality time in the open. Normally these gazebos are made of wood and are totally open, having just a roof that protects you from rain. Well, some designers like Kazuya Morita have a different opinion and think that the perfect material for this is concrete. It is a lot more durable and you can paint it in whatever color you want.

This special gazebo that was designed by this original artist can also be easily turned into a very comfortable guest room by simply adding some canvas doors that close with a zipper or even some detachable doors. When it’s sunny and beautiful outside you can even use it like this, placing a comfortable bed outside and having a relaxing and quiet night. The shape of this unusual little building is very interesting – looking like half of an egg shell, but also having four interesting oval archways, one on each side.

If you are curious about the construction and all the other details, you can access the artist’s web site and find out more.

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