Organic Architecture With Contemporary Features In Carvoeiro, Portugal

When I first saw Casa dos Terracos I remembered about Santorini and the charming white buildings out there. Located in Carvoeiro, Portugal, this house was built in 1967 and used as a holiday retreat. Over time, things have changed. Studio Arte renovated it to fulfill all the necessary conditions so that a family could permanently live here. They did a pretty good job!

Casa dos Terracos (House of terraces) has something special compared with other houses. The name is a hint.Small gardens with various plants surround the entire house up to the pool’s terrace. They follow the concept of Mediterranean dry gardens.  One thing is sure: there is a strong connection between the architecture of this residence and nature.

During renovation, the organic architecture was reinforced and the owners together with the architects decided that it would be a good idea to create more indoor-outdoor spaces. They managed to connect the kitchen with the central patio using operable glass shutters. Also, a large rotating glass door connects the living room with another outdoor patio, in the same time allowing natural light to brighten one of the main areas of the house.

On the inside, the house was tastefully decorated. Interior designers avoided overcrowding, thus keeping the sense of natural freshness. We encountered some pleasant surprises here also. A folding panel wall separates the lounge from the kitchen area and that’s not even all!

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The bathrooms have a brand new look. Hand-made mosaics add a particular charm, so creativity is another important aspect that defines this residence. The outdoor terraces were paved with Portuguese cobblestone. Last but not least, the pool is made of fiberglass and is illuminated by night. Just imagine how relaxing is to just watch it or simply swim in it.



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