Orange Facade Lavorgna Residence in Atlanta

The Lavorgna Residence is a modern house situated in Atlanta, United States. It was a project by Dencity Architecture. The clients requested a house that would reflect their love for modern design. Of course, the simplest way to do that would have been to build the house from scratch. However, the clients didn’t want to leave their neighborhood so, instead, the architects had to transform their existing residence.

It was a complicated project. The existing building was a traditional house with a compartmentalized interior. It wasn’t nearly close to what the clients had in mind for their new home. Transforming this house into an open living space was indeed a challenge. Moreover, the architects had to do that while also preserving the rhythm of the street. In order to do that they had to preserve the front volume intact and to incorporate it as such into the new design.

Even though it was difficult, the team managed to transform the structure and to restructure it in a way that allowed them to turn the interior into an open living space that also extends to the outdoor areas. The new residence was completed in 2006. It has two levels and covers an area of 3500 square feet. The exterior was colored in a bright and vibrant tone of orange while the interior is less colorful but modern, just like the owners wanted.{found on architezer}.

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