Open Air Sculpture Residence by Marek Rytych Architekt

The one unique thing in this house is the paved roadwork that runs both within and without the house structure. It is so well done that one may confuse it for a stone carpet running in and out of the house. Designed by Marek Rytych Architekt which are proffesionals in an industrial form of architecture, it was designed as a sculpture, and thus becomes a collector’s item.

Raw decoration of the house use elevation substances. Sheet is used in the bathroom as well as the dining area. With numerous chunks of spaces, the house strictly portrays the picture of a sculpture or a painting.

The greenness of the surrounding environment of the house gives is perpetually distracted by the numerous windows that are seen on the walls of these pieces of art, forming different shapes and sizes. The house is a three story building that will simply leave you in awe.


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