One-story week-end house in Buš by Markéta Cajthamlová

This property is located in Buš, Czech Republic. It covers an area of 799 square meters and it was designed as a week-end retreat with the possibility of becoming a full-time residence for the owners. It was a project developed by Markéta Cajthamlová and it was completed in 2011. Since the clients wanted to have the possibility of using it as a permanent home in the future, the architects had to come up with a flexible and adaptable design that would also respond to their immediate needs.

Next to this house there’s a storage building with a thermal pump. Besides these two structures, nothing else can be seen from this lot. The house is completely isolated and this gives it unlimited privacy. It’s a perfect setting for a quiet week-end retreat. It’s not an ideal location for a permanent home but the inconveniences related to the proximity to the city, markets, offices, etc. are easy to ignore when you have such a beautiful landscape surrounding you all the time.

The house is a one-story building with no cellar. Inside, it includes a multifunctional space that incorporated the living room, dining room and kitchen. It has a beautiful fireplace and it’s also connected to a covered terrace. The terrace has access to a hot tub and a pool. The house also features a bathroom with sauna and steam cabin and two bedrooms. The exterior of the building is insulated with mineral wool and covered with red cedar panels. On top of the house there’s a roof-garden that can be accessed by a steel staircase.

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