One level cube house by James & Mau

This compact structure is a modern residence located in Reus, Spain. It was built in 2011and it covers an area of only 100 square meters. It was a project by James & Mau.It’s a one-level house shaped like a cube. It only includes a living area, an open kitchen, a bathroom and 2 spaces used as bedrooms.The clients requested a week-end house. They wanted it to be simple and efficient and to have a design that allows it to take full advantage of the surroundings and natural beauty.

The architects focused on creating a flexible design where the transition between the exterior and interior areas is as fluid and subtle as possible. They designed the house as a box that can be either an open or closed space. They used steel panels for the façade and this allowed them to create a strong contrast with the surrounding landscape and to make the house stand out without using opulent materials and textures.

The façade features integrated shutters featuring perforated surfaces in the shape of mint leaves. The light is projected through these perforations and, at night, the house is like a light box. When closed, the shutters also offer solar protection while allowing air and light to pass through. The house benefits from passive solar heating and natural ventilation. It was built in only three months using 3 modules. The walls feature eco-friendly insulation and the whole structure has been recognized as having the highest level of energetic efficiency.{fouun on archdaily}.

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