Old Silo Relocated to Become a Cozy and Modern Home

Living in a silo is unusual, if not a bit crazy by some people’s standards. For some, however, this can be the perfect home. Architect Christoph Kaiser bought this silo online and then transported it to Phoenix, Arizona with a pickup truck, after disassembling it of course. At the new location, he started turning his vision into reality. The goal was to convert this old and abandoned silo into a cozy home for him and his cheerful wife.

The silo was small enough to be transported to its new location with a truckThe conical shape of the silo was the inspiration source for a lot of the interior design elementsThe silo was modified quite a lot after arriving at its new location

The silo dates back to 1955 and has a cylindrical shape. It’s made of corrugated steel which gives it that strong industrial flair and getting past that to make the interior feel cozy and warm wasn’t exactly easy. This sort of projects is always challenging and that’s what makes them so interesting. In this case, the architects decided to make some changes during the reassembly process. One of the most important additions was the 10” thick spray insulation and the new paint job which completely transformed the structure.

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The structure now sits on a circular platform that wraps around it nicelyCustom sliding doors connect the silo home to a small garden spaceThe garden is pretty small and surrounded by a modern wooden fence

At the same time, the silo got new custom-made doors and windows and at that point it started to look like a home. As far as the interior goes, the silo was tall enough for two stories so the architect placed the social areas which include the kitchen and the living space on the ground floor while the sleeping area is upstairs. They’re all connected by a space-efficient spiral staircase made of wood and steel.

Although the interior is pretty small, the customization makes it pretty spacious and enjoyableAll the social spaces are situated on the ground floor and a staircase connects them to the loftCustom-made spiral staircase

Pretty much everything inside this silo home was custom-made, a practical decision consideration the unusual shape of the floor plan. The actual shape of the structure was in fact the inspiration for a lot of pieces. The cabinets, sofas and counters all have curved forms and smooth edges and the tables are round. The only two things that weren’t custom-designed are the two Eames wire chairs on the ground floor.

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The bathroom is tiny but all the white gives it an airy and fresh lookReclaimed wood shelvesSpiral staircases are compact and ideal for small spaces, hence the decision to have one here

The bedroom occupies the upper level, being spacious enough to include a bed, generous storage cabinets and some shelves. A skylights placed within the conical roof bring in natural light and allows this area to be bright and airy.

The staircase connects the living space to the loft bedroom which has an operable skylight



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