Old inn turned into a store by Lensass Architects

Sint-Martinus was originally an inn. It dated back to 1650 and it had a very rich medieval charm. It was located in Sint-Truiden, Belgium and with time it became a landmark in the area. However, at one point it was no longer useful. Still, it was a very beautiful building with a lot of history behind it and simply destroying it was not a valid option. It’s why the building was repurposed and became a store.

Lensass Architects managed to beautifully and faithfully restore the inn to its original beauty. They also transformed it into a store. The architects decided to preserve as much as possible from the building so that they could restore it as close as faithful as possible to its original design. They used the timber framing and most of the materials from the original structure to fully restore the building. They also used recycled wood from torn-down buildings, inscriptions and old mortise.

The new structure includes four apartments carefully hidden behind a wooden façade. The rest of the store follows the same pattern in terms of design and materials. As for the interior, it’s a mix of old and new elements. The transition from past to present starts from the exterior but it’s not quite completed. The whole structure is impregnated with the history of the building. This is a very beautiful example that shows us how history can be part of our lives even after it seems to be forgotten.{found on archdaily}.

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