Old-Heritage Listed House Extended And Remodeled Into A Modern Space

This beautiful and apparently contemporary house is located in Maylands, Australia. Although it may seem modern both from the outside and from the inside, it’s actually an old-heritage listed house. In 2010 it was remodeled as well as extended by Australian firm Jonathan Lake Architects. The client requested the project to respect the beauty of the house’s history and original features but also to bring some new elements.

All the changes have been added to the existing elements. The house is now composed of two parts. One is the extension which has been built and the other is the original structure. The new addition is made of steel and timber with openings on the sides.

These openings are deep steel-framed windows that match the thick timber clad walls. They bring lots of light inside the house as well as shade, plus they also create a beautiful connection to the landscape.

The interior of the house features a central concrete core which is the heart of the whole project. Inside this concrete structure you’ll find the kitchen which is at the center of the whole house. Around it are the living areas and the dining room. The interior is built on three levels and each function and each zone share a beautiful connection to the exterior. The dining room opens onto a deck. Although the new extension and the existing house are very different, they share elements that characterize them both and so the design becomes cohesive.

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