Old Hay Barn Converted To A Modern Guest House Filled With Light

It used to be just another old hay barn. It didn’t really have a purpose anymore. Then, in 2016, someone decided to make something out of it. That’s when Carney Logan Burke Architects started working on the transformation. They collaborated with WRJ Design Associates to convert this old barn into a charming guest house. The project is peculiar in the sense that the structure has this weathered look and makes it look like it belongs in the past but at the same time it offers everything a modern home should.

If the house appears to be very old and weathered, that’s because this was the look intended by the architectsThe house sits in a lush meadow with some pretty amazing views of the surroundings

The barn, now a guest house, is located in a lush green meadow in Wyoming. It’s surrounded by evergreen trees and it offers a really nice view of the open surroundings. The interior is structured on two floors, the upper level featuring a full height window on one side. It frames the view and it lets in lots of light.

The views can be admired from the upper floor which features some huge windowsOld Hay Barn Converted To A Modern Guest House Filled With LightOld Hay Barn Converted To A Modern Guest House Filled With LightAmazing mountains viewAmazing mountains viewSeen from the side, the house looks modern and pretty rustic, with no unusual details
Surrounded by greenery

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The lower level serves as a garage and as a workspace. It has a very simple decor, with sliding barn doors, reclaimed wood walls, exposed beams, black and white checkerboard floor tiles and industrial-style lighting.

The interior is organized on two floors with the lower level serving in part as a garageA wooden staircase wraps around a corner and offers access to the spaces on the upper level

The interior designers wanted the spaces to retain their original character so they used a lot of reclaimed barn wood in the project. The architects had the same idea so they used reclaimed wood for the exterior of the barn as well. This way they gave it the weathered look and also made it low-maintenance.

Up here there’s a kitchenette, a gym and a guest room which together form an open spaceThe view is inspiring and nicely framed by the geometric roof structure and the walls

The upstairs level houses a guest room, a kitchenette and a gym. It can be accessed via a small staircase and it captures the panoramic view in a really great way. Even though the building is small and has this outdated look, at its core it’s a modern retreat that offers all the comfort and the amenities required by most people.

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Reclaimed wood was used in the interior design to give the spaces an authentic, warm and charming look



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