Old Farmhouse Converted Into A Contemporary Family Home In Lennik

There are several ways in which you can get a new home. One would be to build one of your own. Another option is to buy one. Then there’s also the more complicated option of finding an old house and giving it a complete makeover. Sometimes it’s easier to start a project from scratch than to have to work something that already exists and to transform everything. However, it all pays off because a house with history is a house with character.

This contemporary family home is located in Lennik, Belgium and it used to be an old farmhouse. It was remodeled and transformed by Studio Farris.The complete conversion was no piece of cake but the results are amazing.

The team had to convert the old house into a modern, comfortable and energy-efficient family home. Significant changes had to be made. They include alternations of the façade, the layout, the interior design and a change of style.

Perforations had to be made in the old façade in order to allow light to get in all the rooms of the house. In addition to this practical side, the perforations also give the house a unique and authentic look. The interior went through drastic changes as well.

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The house was basically upgraded but the owners also wanted to preserve some of its original charm so now there’s a nice mix of old and new elements. The contrast is subtle and the balance is beautiful, creating a very pleasant and inviting atmosphere and allowing the house to integrate into the surroundings and the landscape.



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