Old Castle, New Terrace by Concrete Architectural Associates

It is very difficult not to affect an old place and its surrounding area when building a new one. It is even more difficult when the old space is a castle from the 14th century, Castell D’emporada pavilion, located near a city called La Bisbal, near Girona, Spain and the new one is a huge terrace.

It is said that the Margarit family is the one that owned the castle until 1999, when it was transformed into a boutique hotel. Besides the existing restaurant, there is a large terrace, which offers great views over the surrounding landscape. On the terrace there were randomly placed 12 Circles in different diameters, in an attempt of keeping the ancient building untouched and, at the same time, keeping the same feeling of finding yourself in an outdoor environment on the terrace.

The white painted steel columns and ceiling provide one of the most important perspectives, an open and light outdoor atmosphere under the parasols.  The round and square marble tables and the two leather lounge couches offer different seating places. Everything looks like a great gathering area, the old part was kept intact, which was the designer’s intention and the  result is a very satisfactory, everything blends perfectly. Margarit, as the restaurant is called, is another proof of the fact that good old things must survive the new ones and, as possible, coexist in harmony, without any damages. Concrete Architectural Associates really managed to do things right!

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