Old barn turned into a modern multi purpose development

It’s amazing how people can transform a barn into a beautiful living space. For example, this marvelous, unique house from Norfolk, United Kingdom was designed and built by Carl Turner Architects, house where they were allowed themselves to experiment, learn and test ideas. If you look from the exterior, you may think that’s a derelict building surrounded by grass and lots of flower fields, but if you will observe all the details, you will immediately change your mind.

The wall’s thickness is emphasized by windows and doors which have been set back to the interior line and the beautiful, original bricks from the roof really matching   the landscape. Inside, the view it’s a lot different, because the industrial building materials gave a fine touch, transforming  the old, abandoned barn, into a beautiful, airy open-space, where any family could live happily ever after. Because the architects wanted a bright space, they gave up the ceiling, preferring only some wooden beams to support the construction’s weight.

To create a contrast they have chosen polished concrete for the floors. I really didn’t expect to see that all the furniture was bespoke made, and the chosen material was plywood, because it isn’t quite the most common material for furnishing, but  I agree that the result is impressive, because plywood has an interesting texture and the whole house looks amazing with all the details and the contrast between the cold, shiny concrete, rough bricks and the warm wood. Having all that, who needs so many decorative  objects to embellish the house?{pics by Damian Russell}.

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