Old Barn Converted Into A Rustic Residence in England

There’s something about old barns that makes them very charming and this is one of the main reasons why we see so many barn conversions out there. The process is quite simple. You find an old, abandoned barn, you buy the property and then you get an architect to help with the transformation. If you’re lucky, the barn will become a home just as beautiful as this one.

This lovely residence is located in Pusey, Oxfordshire, England. It used to be a barn but then, in 2007, it was transformed into a home by The Anderson Orr Partnership. The exiting barn was an important element for the project but it wasn’t the only detail that the architects had to worry about. The barn was quite small and the client wanted the residence to be a little more spacious. So a problem appeared: how to add space to the residence without compromising the design of the barn?

The solution that was found was to lower the new construction into the ground rather than to build upward. The only major request that the client had was for the barn to be incorporated into a contemporary and open design. The residence was designed with an open plan living area and with a secluded master bedroom suite.

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Another detail that turned out to be a challenge was the entrance. As it happens in most such cases, the original opening was large and to the side of the building. But that also changed and the residence got a new entrance. The architects also had to add a floating staircase that provides access from the living area to the bedroom suite. During the transformation process, more than half of the building to the rear section was lowered into the ground and this allowed the two stories to be accommodated without problems.



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