Oceanfront House Uses Modern Design To Adapt To The Landscape

Situated on a spectacular but exposed lot, this house required a lot of planning before it got to acquire the design you see now. It was a project by Rolf Ockert Design and was built in Clovelly, Australia. The site’s most alluring feature is represented by the stunning ocean views.

Because the views lie to the south while the sun shines from the north, the team of architects had to find a way to make the most of both elements. They designed the house around a central void and with a row of large skylights angled to the north.

But this wasn’t the only challenge that the site presented. Because the house is an oceanfront property, the roof height had to be minimized so the neighboring residents can also enjoy the views. This dictated the unusual shape of the roof. It allows sunlight in without blocking the views for the neighboring buildings.

The void around which the house was built contains the staircase which has an elegant and lightweight design without lacking stability. This area helps ventilate the entire house and also eliminates the need for artificial lighting.

The living space is situated on the entry level and is connected to the garden and the pool, serving as a spacious family area.

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The bedrooms are located upstairs from where they get to offer marvelous views of the ocean. On the southern lower level are the study, the studios and the library. The master bedroom features a neutral color palette. Surrounded by panoramic views, it features a very relaxing and tranquil ambiance. Of course, it doesn’t lack style and drama. The amazing ceiling light fixture is the focal point of attention.

Because the southerly winds are strong even on clear days, the architects designed the southern part of the house without any opening windows. Instead, they used large frameless floor-to-ceiling glass walls.

When choosing the materials for the project, the architects had to pick those suitable for the harsh salt spray environment and those which would also form a natural palette of coastal colors. The interior design is dominated by very few materials including raw concrete on the living room ceiling, dark zinc on the roof which has a weathered look and lots of glass.

Glass was also used for the safety rails on the outdoor areas as not to obstruct the views.

The architects took full advantage of everything the site had to offer, including the southern slope in front of the house which was transformed into a Japanese-style rock garden.

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The views interact with all the areas of the house. The kitchen, for example, is minimalist and open and allows the views to complement its décor in a really harmonious way.

The bathroom is not any different. Although small, it feels very bright and spacious thanks to the floor-to-ceiling glass wall. In addition, the light and natural colors further enhance the spaciousness of the room.

But perhaps the most wonderful use of the surroundings can be seen in the dining area where the décor is infused with natural beauty. Bright yellow chairs surround a wooden table, adding cheer and flavor to the space.



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