Oakland House by Kanner Arch

On a sloping site high above San Francisco Bay in Oakland, California lays some magnificent vistas sprawling from the Bay Bright to the Golden Gate Bridge. There is one vista that stands magnificently in this prime Oakland area. It has the impression of a paradise sneaking right in front of nothing-land. Think of a piece of UFO in your favorite park and you get the notion of what I am driving home.

Designed by Kanner Arch architects, this Oakland house captures the imagination of what we’d all love to call home. But it looks more like a seven-star hotel than normal home. What strikes the eye most is the generous use of glass.

The architects of this house used plenty of it; huge windows everywhere you might think you are outside in the woods instead of inside the splendor of the Master bedroom. Even the adjacent four guest bedrooms and the kitchen all have unlimited use of glass.

If you stand on the natural shrubs outside from the down-slope neighborhood and you look upwards, you will love how the view of the house blends well to the clear California weather above.


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